Case Study
Design Brief (Courtesy Colefax and Fowler)
Design Library Source: Printed Fabric, Early to Mid-19th century, France or England
Color Development (Courtesy Colefax and Fowler)
Color Development (Courtesy Colefax and Fowler)
Final Result (Courtesy Colefax and Fowler)

Colefax and Fowler Casimir

“The design team at Colefax and Fowler has worked with the Design Library for the past twenty years, and we have seen them develop in that time to become the most important source of textile documents that we have access to. We are a traditional brand, and our look in rooted in designs that always have some kind of historical reference. We visit Peter and his team once a year and always look forward to finding new ideas and inspirations that will form the basis of our next collection. The design ‘Casimir’ is a case in point. It’s a beautiful printed document that dates back to the nineteenth century and we have colored, styled and reinterpreted this design to bring it up to date. We produced Casimir as a print on both linen and velvet, and also as a wonderfully decorative wallpaper. It was one of the signature designs of our Autumn 2016 collection and we are very proud of it.”

—Sarah MacGregor, Design Director