Peg Bauer

Peg is Archive Manager of the Design Library. She joined the team in 2007 and her inherent desire for order perfectly complements the Library’s mission to classify and make accessible seven million designs. Peg prepares and categorizes new design collections, helps plan and implement archive improvements and expansions, maintains order in the Library’s vast collections and oversees the company’s social media presence. Her instinctive passion for organization and personal interest in design make Peg an indispensable asset to the Library.

Jennifer Bueti

Jennifer, Kosmos™ Manager/Archivist received her BFA from SUNY New Paltz and worked as a specialist in hand printing and dyeing fabric for nine years prior to joining the Design Library. Jen brings an acute design sensitivity to her role and is responsible for editing, scanning, coding and uploading thousands of images to Kosmos™ the digital archive of the Design Library.

Kate Denham

Kate manages the Design Library’s archive in Fitzrovia, London, serving our clients in the UK, Europe and Australia. Kate has the refined eye and impeccable taste of a stylist and colorist with two decades of professional experience. Her energy, dedication and presence in London give clients throughout Europe the advantage of a local source of design inspiration, along with a constantly refreshed link to the Design Library’s enormous archives. Kate and the London office staff also meet with clients from as far afield as China and India.

Rene Green

Rene is Office Manager of the Design Library. Rene came to the Library in 2004 with years of experience as Manager of a major retail store. Rene maintains all Library records related to design sales and rentals, and tirelessly keeps our complex office functioning smoothly.

John Hamilton

John joined our London office in 2010. He comes to us with a background in project management of residential refurbishments, specializing in interior design and finishes. As a long-time Soho resident and a frequent visitor to the cultural haunts of that city, John brings a keen eye for trends and a creative approach to our mens, street, casual wear & theatrical clients in particular.

John works with clients in the UK & across Europe. As well as hosting clients visiting our London archive, John frequently travels all over Europe to visit clients in their offices. When overseas travel is not possible collections can be presented virtually via Zoom or Teams.

Erin Harding-McGee

Erin recently joined the team in our New York office as a design consultant. She received her BA in Art History and Anthropology from Fordham University and her MA in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Erin comes to us after gaining experience in museum programming, planning special events, and managing a bustling hand-painted textile studio, where she reignited her passion for all things design. She is thrilled to work directly with our North American clients, pulling and presenting collections.

Peter Koepke

Peter is Owner/Director of the Design Library. He joined the company in 1990 after fifteen years experience as a collector and dealer of South American art. He created seminal art collections in the 1970s and 80s for museums, universities, corporations and individuals throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Peter now travels extensively in search of coveted collections to expand the Design Library’s archives. His curatorial expertise and connoisseurship have helped to create a leading design establishment.

Ula Luniewska

Ula is Office Manager and Head Archivist of our London studio. She joined Kate’s team in 2008 and came on full time in 2014. Ula helps with just about everything that's needed in London including, maintaining records related to design sales and rentals, all archivist duties and assisting in pulling bespoke collections for meetings. Ula studied Art and Design and received her BA in History of Art from Birkbeck College, University of London.

Julianne Mandara

Julianne is Vice President of the Design Library and serves North American creative professionals from all industries. Juli graduated from Loyola University Chicago with dual degrees in Italian and International Business. She gained valuable experience in fashion and design during her undergraduate internships, especially at the Design Library during the summer of 2013 and after graduation as a product development assistant at Ralph Lauren. Juli is passionate about Italian studies and lived in Italy for a portion of her undergraduate experience. We are delighted Juli is part of the Design Library leadership team.

Richard Weissman

Richard is the Design Library’s President. 2024 marks twenty years at the company. Prior to that, he spent two decades working within the retail / fashion industries at companies including Lord & Taylor, Perry Ellis and Kellwood. Richard brings a singular vision and energy to the Library with his knowledge of the complete design and production process, coupled with his belief in the primary importance of good design.