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How it works

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The primary way to add value to a product is GOOD DESIGN.

For over 35 years, the Design Library has contributed to this creative process by providing layout,
motif, color and direction to designers.

To begin, a designer, design director, stylist, product development manager or company owner
contacts the Design Library searching for surface design ideas to help print, weave, embroider or
embellish products.

Often the clients will provide us with a direction, storyboard or range of designs that are needed to
inspire development for future seasons. Sometimes the direction will be discovered as the client
views our collections.

The Design Library team prepares a presentation of designs from the archive based on the client's
specific wishes and needs. The meeting may take place at Design Library offices in New York
or London, England; or a Design Library consultant will bring a collection to the client's office. We
then sell designs outright, or license them to clients to use for a specified period of time in their
industry only.

The Design Library's success rate is very high due to the quality and diversity of the archive,
and to the taste, knowledge, and dedication of our team.

"There is no shortage of resources for print and textile inspiration. I think our local
bookstore has an entire aisle dedicated to this style of artwork and new print design
agencies are popping up daily. However the unique and extensive inventory of the
Design Library's archive has no equal. Typically I see samples of artwork that I've
never seen anywhere else and I always struggle narrowing down my selection to a
few favorites"

- Cris Teig, Art Director, Nike ACG Apparel